Smart transportation infrastructure is becoming the vein of our safe and fossil free future societies.

From enabling smart, maintenance free roads to connecting autonomous cars in direct communication to the infrastructure to enhance safety...many technologies for smart transportation infrastructures are being developed right now, but we are missing some essential systemic interfaces that will enable their sustainable implementation.  

Can you be the team that helps come up with "The Concept" that makes smart infrastructure a reality?

Enabling future applications on top of data from IOT, sensors, LIDAR, weather, traffic and road network information is key to building smart infrastructure. Campus2030 is therefore launching a hackathon encouraging anyone interested in smart infrastructure to apply.



We believe diversity is key to great innovation! 

If you are someone who works in areas connected to transportation infrastructure, or have programming skills without knowledge in this field, or think you can contribute, then sign up! You can team up with participants of complementary skills during the hackathon.

Age: 18+

Countries: International



We want you to generate ideas that make these interfaces between various systems.

For example, what would it take for information from satellites to reach autonomous cars in real time, to influence a decision in driving. 

The technology, the details of how the transmission of data would take place, the impact of this connection for society - this is of interest for this hackathon.

Develop this over Dec8-9, with mentors to give you input and submit a presentation for your idea. Code /pseudocode is also expected to demostrate the depth of thinking. Take a look a judging criteria to understand how the hack will be judged. 



Hackathon Sponsors


$799 in prizes


The members of the winning team will get an iPad.

Exclusive lab-tour, meet top scientists at KTH

The members of the winning team will get exclusive package, spending a day with top researchers from the Digital Twin Stockholm team(*) and KTH while getting an exclusive tour of the KTH laboratories including the Reactor Hall R1 under the KTH Central Campus(**).

(*) Curious about meeting the people that are building the Digital Twin Stockholm? You will get to sit down with the key players, see what data-sets they are trying to merge, hear about ongoing developments, such as standardization and get to ask them about the missing bits.

(**) The research infrastructures at KTH Royal Institute of Technology include large national research labs to smaller labs, and advanced and expensive instruments. Get an exclusive tour and meet with the top-scientists running the labs. You will learn both about the ongoing efforts and how the infrastructures are preparing for the future needs in science.

8 hours personal project/career coaching by two KTH Professors (2)

The members of second best team win an 8-hour personal project/career coaching by two KTH Professors.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Niki Kringos

Niki Kringos

Martin Törngren

Martin Törngren

Vinutha Magal Shreenath
Women in AI Sweden

Hannes Eder Öhrström

Hannes Eder Öhrström
KTH Innovation

Hawzheen Karim

Fredrik Friberg

Fredrik Friberg

Rikard Skogh

Matthew Calvert

Matthew Calvert
Stockholm Stad

Judging Criteria

  • Value and impact for implementation of smart infrastructure
    How to develop interfaces in cyber physical systems. Counts for 20% of awarded points.
  • Creativity and innovation
    The concept shall be bold and innovative or make something work that old solutions failed to. Counts for 20% of awarded points.
  • Concept
    Thoroughness of concept in connecting interfaces between different systems within smart infrastructure / Cyber physical systems (CPS) with detail. Counts for 20% of awarded points.
  • Code
    Implementation of the solution in code, a proof of concept, or even mockups to communicate the idea. Counts for 10% of awarded points.
  • Feasibility
    The proposed solution should be implementable, with current or advanced tech. Counts for 10% of awarded points.
  • Use of datasets
    Integration, coupling or complementing of the sample datasets to build the relevant concept. This is an indicator for above criteria. Counts for 10% of awarded points.
  • Presentation
    The pitch should be well prepared and visualized to convey the concept, its uses and importance clearly. Counts for 10% of awarded points.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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